About us

Corporate signage experts

Imagine your dream signage and the impact it will have on your clients. Now stop dreaming, because we transform those dreams into reality.

Our team of over 20 specialists has only one goal in mind and that is the successful deployment of your signage project.

Whether you have a simple or complex project we always proceed in a meticulous manner to ensure your complete satisfaction. Making sure your branding is communicated to the world in an effective manner is what we do and what we are passionate about. Creating a WOW for our clients is our only measurement for success and we don’t stop until success is met.

Our mission for your commercial signage needs

Our brand is based on 3 i’s: dentification, inspiration and image. As such, our company name is the results of our 3 i’s (iii = i cubed = iCubic). Our professional mission stands strong on 3 pillars:

Transforming your ideas into concrete projects

Being a sustainable eco-friendly business

Offering ‘’second to none’’ expertise and superior service

Our values

We are guided by our 4 values:

Surpassing expectations! That’s what motivates us every day. Our expertise gives us the tools to help you improve the view that your clients and employees have of your brand.

What helps us stand apart when it comes to signage

Our creativity helps us push the limits of our fabrication capabilities. Add to that amazing project managers and you have a successful experience when you team up with us. Not to forget our team’s great experience and know how.

And the cherry on the Sunday are our certifications that help ensure the waulity of your installation and products.

All that said, we feel that our clients sleep well at night knowing that we have their complex projects under our control.

Our history… Our future…

Before there was iCubic there was Dominmarc. A family business founded in 1870 in Europe. After a degree in engineering and an MBA it was Jebb Nucci’s turn to bring the family business to the next level. First by analysing the possible markets that he could explore in order to forge the family business forward for another century or so…

It was during his analysis of the market that he met Jean-Philippe Dumontier, an expert in graphics, sign making and installation. Jebb saw the opportunity with Jean-Philippe’s incredible potential and together they formed iCubic, which would be the signage spin off that we are born from Dominmarc.

In 2008, the two entrepreneurs incorporated this new entity and never looked back.

Today iCubic is alive and growing each year. With over 20 employees and a 12,000 sq ft facility in Montreal to successfully lead them through a wide variety of signage projects all over the country.

The past has been great, but the future will be even better. With their eye firmly focused on eco-friendly products and trying to push the envelope for sustainable signage products Jebb and JP want to make sure that they do their part in making the planet a better place than when they started their business.

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Our clients

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